Explore Cambodia

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Cambodia is beautiful and famous for its land of elusive wildlife and tropical adventures in Southeast Asia. With the magnificence of Angkor and the horror of the Khmer Rouge period, Cambodia has a complex cultural tapestry and a fascinating and long history. Cambodia is also famous for beautiful and sunny beaches, beautiful natural attractions, delicious food, and the charming capital city of Phnom Penh.

Places to visit in Cambodia

  1. Angkor (The UNESCO World Heritage Site): One of the most visited tourist destinations in Cambodia is Angkor. One of the most well-known temples in Cambodia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site is Angkor Wat.
  2. Phnom Penh: Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital, is charming with palaces and temples by three rivers, Tonle Sap, the Mekong, and the Bassac. It's a popular tourist spot with cool cafes and lively pubs.
  3. Kampot (The Scenic Riverside City) Kampot in Cambodia is famous for its black peppercorns, rustic charm, and attractions like Salt Fields, Bat Cave, and Popokvil Waterfall. It's a great place to visit with beautiful landscapes.
  4. Battambang (Best for contrasting historic architecture): Battambang is an exciting place to try traditional food, experience Cambodia's rural culture, and take in the breathtaking architecture in Battambang.
  5. Krong Ta Khmau (Best of Cambodia): Krong Ta Khmau is the largest and capital city of Kandal province in central Cambodia which offers a mix of modern development and traditional Cambodian culture.
  6. Kratie (The Little Charming Town): If you like nature, eco-tourism, and wildlife, you should consider spending a few days in Kratie. Kratie is known for its attractive riverside scenery, its green villages and paddies, and the river dolphins.
  7. National Museum of Cambodia (A Unique Collection): The National Museum of Cambodia in Phnom Penh has the best collection of Khmer sculptures, spanning more than a thousand years. It's Cambodia's main museum for history and culture.
  8. Bokor Hill Station: Bokor Hill Station is an awesome sight of the Gulf of Thailand peeking through the green jungle and old buildings along the road, catching your attention. Once you reach the summit, the unique atmosphere makes you forget the journey.
  9. Bayon Temple: Bayon Temple is famous for its multitude of serene and smiling stone faces. Sometimes people refer to it as Jayavarman's Temple, after the Khmer king who gave the order for it to be built.
  10. Popokvil Waterfall: Popokvil Waterfall is a stunning two-tiered waterfall situated in Bokor National Park, close to the Cambodian town of Kampot. The most well-known location in Cambodia is Popokvil Waterfall.